About ACT

Ian, Ant and Lee, started ACT in 1994 with the intention to produce large format graphics, and have quickly established the company as a leading large format display specialist. 

Since 1994, ACT have been producing digital Large Format Display prints so our experience in this industry is second to none. 

From event graphics to trade show displays and retail signage, sometimes a print job just needs to break the mould.

Going BIG never fails. 



Who We Are

Ian Davies

Ian Davies

Sales & Marketing Director

Antoni Dziemidowicz

Antoni Dziemidowicz

Production Director

Lee Saltmarsh

Finance Director

some historical dates in the history of ACT.....

3.2m wide Latex LX850 printer arrives @ ACT to replace the Virtu RS35 to produce giant banners and long term self adhesive vinyl including vehicle wraps.

Installation of MTEX 3.2m wide dye sublimation fabric printer along with finishing products.


Installation of ACT's new Elitron Digital Cutting Machine - Cut, Mill, V-Cut, Crease and much more...

Printing White - ACT install an Arizona 550XT which prints digital white.

ACT's single largest investment in one machine arrives for a 3 week installation at ACT's premises. 

The Virtu RS35 is a 3.5m wide hybrid rollfed and rigid UV printer with the ability to do up to 1200dpi.

ACT move to new premises - 12500 sqft - purpose built production space...

ACT's biggest investment to date which included:

  • an upgrade of the Lightjet 5000 to the Lightjet 430
  • Zund UV Inkjet - the first straight to substrate printer in Wales
  • Scitex 3.2m wide banner printer, first in Wales
  • Zund 3m x 2.2m digital die cutter - first in Wales and one of only 6 in the UK 
  • Axyz 3m x 1.5m cnc router

Installation of Wales's first large format photographic printer, Lightjet 5000, which printed supreme quality on Fuji photographic paper...

Installation of the PP1000's big brother, PP5000 - the first machine available using 6 colours for better quality...

Installation of ACT's new PP1000 Rastergraphics Inkjet...

Following a long campaign to receive funding from The Welsh Office, NatWest and British Coal this date marks the installation of an electrostatic plotter as one of only 50 companies in the UK with this technology...

ACT started Trading...

Looks Amazing!!! I am thrilled...

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Capital Business Park

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