Avtex - TV POS Display

Avtex has been the trusted name for mobile leisure specific TV’s in the UK for over 25 years.  

Rapidly expanding in the European Market with sleek design, high quality componentry, rigorous testing, excellent viewing standards and cutting edge features are the hallmark of Avtex products. 


ACT offers a wide variety of POS/POP display materials and styles that allow for unlimited design possibilities. We work with you to design and produce a point of purchase display that will complement your products, services and overall marketing objectives.

ACT provides total solutions for companies looking to use POS/POP for retail to amplify their brand image and enhance their product salability. Whether you are in need of stock displays or fully custom designs for your product specifications, ACT has you covered.

POP (Point of Purchase) and POS (Point of Sale) items are a very effective way to get new and existing consumer products noticed. POP and POS items put the branding message and marketing promotion right where the buyer makes the purchasing decision.

ReBoard displays make perfect point of purchase displays for light food items, merchandise, DVDs, greeting cards, and many more types of products.

  • drop bins
  • racks
  • shelving
  • end of aisle displays
  • freestanding graphics

All of these items are also great for storing any kind of merchandise. Some displays come with headers that allow users to create a call to action or promote product or brand information.

POS/POP retail displays draw attention to your brand while creating additional value to your products on display.

The power of point-of-purchase, point-of-sale retail displays is based on timing, position, and design – your brand and products are placed in front of the eyes of a consumer at the very moment they are prepared to make a buying decision.

Attention grabbing, eye drawing POP/ POS retail displays are an essential tool for any business’ sales and marketing strategy.

They look fantastic Steve! Really Brilliant!

Natalie, BBC

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