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Print finishing is an essential part of the display business whether it is to protect the print with a laminate, mount it to a board, hemming and eyeletting a banner or contour cut it to shape.

Added to this, is the construction of the finished product both in house and out on site which is crucial to the finish of the job. 

  • What does print finishing do for you?
  • extends the life of the print
  • protection from wear and tear
  • completes the display, it looks finished
  • adds to the impact 


ACT, with over 22 years of finishing experience when it comes to large format display print, have a comprehensive range of in-house finishing services which are a match for any company in the UK. 

These include:

  • mounting, lamination and encapsulation
  • digital die cutting
  • digital cnc routing
  • banner finishing
  • sewing
  • hand finishing
  • product assembly and much more...


Sony - Corridor Graphics
Edenstone - Site Signage
Williamstown Primary School Signage
Media Wales Halo Lit Sign
Principality - Suggestion Boxes