FabTex - The TDF
FabTex is ACT's Aluminium Frame Tension System.
Using different thickness profiles FabTex can
  • wall mount
  • free stand
  • suspend
  • be a lightbox


I just wanted to thank you for the textile job that I fitted in Mercedes on Tuesday night.

This is the first textile job that I haven’t had any issues with – everything went extremely well and ultimately we had a very happy client.

Mark, 4Matix


In fact, FabTex can be used in any location, that could utilise easily changeable, vibrant graphics.
Our frames are designed to work solely with tension fabric graphics that can be printed via ACT's Dye Sublimation print process.
Fabric graphics fold up for easy and economic shipping allowing anyone to change them out. 



The BASIC 19mm Frame for screwing directly to the wall.

BASIC means the smallest frame and also the most cost effective.

A chunkier version of the BASIC frame. The BIG profile is a 27mm deep, aluminium frame profile that screws directly to the wall.

However, it can also be supplied with adjustable mounts that allow easier mounting and removal of the frame.

The level of the frame can also be fine tuned once in position which is a very helpful feature.

A double sided version of the BIG frame. The DOUBLE profile is supplied as either a 44mm or 80mm deep aluminium profile.

The DOUBLE aluminium frame can be supplied with a range of different feet to be free standing.

Alternatively, it can be suspended from the ceiling using simple eye hooks or more comprehensive adjustable hanging kits.

The frame is supplied flat packed, complete with corner locks and if it's a large frame, we may specify a number of vertical and /or horizontal. internal stabiliser bars.

Lightboxes can be made by placing LEDs onto removable stabiliser bars giving perfect backlit illumination, even over the largest units.

However, these units flat pack for shipping and assemble easily on site.

All electrics are left fitted in place, the frame is built and the electrics simply connect back together. 

Edge lit lightboxes utilise LEDs to one or more internal edges of the box, depending on its overall dimensions.

Edge lighting mean there is no need for a solid rear panel and this allows the unit to flat pack for shipping.

It assembles easily on site and edge lighting works well on mid size lightboxes for wall mounting or to be free standing.

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