What kind of display can we do that will fit into a number of different venues?

ACT recommended a couple of modular display systems which could be used in both square and circular configurations.

Not just this but the ability to make the graphics backlit or non backlit.

And all of this can breakdown into the back of a Luton Van.

ACT tested a few materials for print quality and rigidity.

Using 1500 micron HIPs Printed Direct utilising the opacity of the substrate for backlighting.

Even when the material wasn't backlit the quality of the print was outstanding but came to life when the lights came on.

ACT's in-house digital die-cutting machine - Elitron - milled the panels.

It was very important as the holes had to be very accurate @ 8.5mm diameter to accept the special bungee buttons for graphic fixing.

The Burkhard Leitner display - both the square and circular options - were erected to ensure that the graphics fitted perfectly.

The great thing about ACT's advice meant that although ACT could install each display at each venue - Phil was able to use his team to install.

At 9 sites around Wales - in both small and large venues - using lights where possible.

Installation was possible in a number of different guises with this highly flexible system.