Golley Slater came to ACT as they knew that they had the expertise and size to cope with such a large project.

Working with Golley Slater, ACT were able to advise them on the use of the best materials which specifically needed to be Class Zero Fire Rated for using in an Airport.

From self adhesive vinyls, laminates and even aluminium composite boards ACT were able to supply the correct materials at the right price with supporting documentation.

ACT used a number of different materials and print methods to ensure the Fire Rating required.

Printing direct to Boards for the amazing Castle display combined with using our latex printers to print to self adhesive vinyls for both the wall and the floor.

Using our digital cutting machines also meant that the flooring could be cut to interesting and complex shapes.

ACT worked with Scene 2 - Golley Slater's preferred supplier for the Cardiff Airport AudioVisual Equipment and housing.

As each area was constructed ACT took accurate measurements and relayed this to the Golley Slater studio in order for artwork to be produced.

Short timescales meant that this would be constructed, measured, artworked, printed and installed within 10 days.

Installation was very important on this job with Security @ the Airport paramount as the work was beyond Security.

Working around Plane Arrivals and Departures meant that the flexibility of ACT's installation team was important.

Installation could be during normal hours or in the middle of the night and meant going through background Security checks along with daily searches.