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A bespoke Wall Graphic is a fantastic way to use graphics to display, promote, showcase art, protect, and enhance brand visual communications in your workplace or home.
Custom Wall Graphics will make the interior or exterior walls of your office, business, and home one of a kind; they are one of the most beautiful and efficient alternatives to change the environment making your walls state of the art.  
There are many services available for all budget and taste, such as full wall wraps, partial wall wraps, wall decals, wall stickers, standoffs, canvas and particularly ACT’s fabric FABTEX frame system.
The Full Wrap will give your space the most coverage and it will allow you to have full control of the visual impact that you or your brand want to achieve, they can be printed on self adhesive vinyl (custom vinyl wall) or printable wallcoverings like those from Muraspec – the Digimura range.
On the other hand, partial wall wraps, wall decals, and stickers will affect a significant lift on the environment vibe at a very efficient cost-benefit. 
For some old walls that have too many layers of paint or need a lot of preparation work in advance of graphic application then the best option may be using FABTEX – screw the frame to the wall and stretch the fabric in one piece (up to 3m high and 20/30m long) and it will cover the wall damage at significantly less cost.  You can also replace the graphic if you change your mind at a much cheaper cost!
With all those options all, you have to do is have some fun planning and creating a special and vibrant place to live or work.


ACT can help you to decide on what is the best choice for your print project.  
For Wall Graphics contact us at info@actrepro.co.uk for a Site Survey to help you identify the best options for your project! 




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