Re-Board®? What is it?

Re-board® is a lightweight paper-based sandwich board

It has a unique structure of corrugated board cells with several layers of special liners

Re-Board® can be used for making all sorts of displays and structures

The Re-Board stands look great, they were very impressed, not only with how the stands looked, but with the can-do attitude, quick and unfussy installation and great pricing.

Your competitor was around the back of the stands taking photos of how it was put together! Imitation is the highest form of flattery!

Steve, elevator

Re-Board® - The Properties

Re-board® has a number of fantastic properties:

  • exceptional strength
  • low weight
  • water resistant
  • durability
  • environmentally friendly

take a look below in more depth...

The 16mm version has almost 90% of the strength of the equivalent in chipboard


Remoras 16mm has less than 20% of the weight of the chipboard version


A thin plastic layer keeps the core dry and the physical properties unchanged in humid conditions


Does not break under excessive pressure

Bends in a predictable way

The liner can withstand thousands of repetitive bending


Can be recycled like regular paper

No harmful products are used in the manufacturing process

Decreases the use of raw material by 80% compared with solid boards such as chipboards


Benefits to You?

What are the Key Benefits for the End User?

  • Marketing communication and flexibility
  • User friendliness
  • Environmentally friendly

see below...

Innovative structures

Dual purpose - goods and message bearer

Volume flexibility - each product can be unique


Light material - low physical strength required

Easy to set up - store employees can do the assembly


This is a paper base product so 100% recyclable


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Re-board - the Paper Based Product

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