Innovative and revolutionary, Coala Coversafe™ is a self-adhesive transparent film that eliminates up to 99.9% of viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria, yeast and mould on surfaces

Coala Coversafe™ is manufactured by Gergonne and contains a patented technology developed by Pylote with mineral ceramic microspheres that act as a barrier to viruses and microbial activity. 

Suitable for a range of applications including light switches, door handles, handrails, desks, tables and counters, this revolutionary film allows for enhanced safety in public areas, workplaces and educational facilities.

+ PVC-free, natural and safe for the skin

+ Permanent and stable protection over time (tested for over 4 years)

+ Easy installation with rapid action, removable without residue

+ Discreet once applied (thin, transparent, matt)

+ Can be cleaned with any common cleaning product without any kind of degradation of its antimicrobial activity


  • The Coala Coversafe™ adhesive film is intended for all sectors: retail stores, companies, nurseries, schools, administration, hospitals, retirement homes, clean rooms for the medical industry and others.
  • It can be applied, among others, on tables (meeting, catering, offices), counters/cash counters, door handles, switches, bannisters, handrails automatic terminals and payment terminals.
  • We all have the same objective: make the environment around us safer against risks of microbial contamination.
  • Thanks to Coala Coversafe™, it is now possible to drastically reduce the tactile transmission of viruses and bacteria in public areas.



Such a fantastic and versatile product can be used in so many scenarios - click and take a look at some of the possible uses of this innovative material.

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