What did Avtex require from their display?

  • high quality and high impact
  • compact but substantial
  • easy distribution and installation
  • cost effective

ACT had plenty of experience in using the lightweight, yet strong Re-board which has 85% of the strength of MDF but less than a quarter of the weight.

This product was ideal for Avtex as it ticked all the boxes - with a high gloss laminate for impact.

ACT have a number of print methods available to them and on this occasion the printing direct to the R-board was using the Flatbed Printer - Oce Arizona 550XT.

The boards were then laminated with a high gloss finish - helping with protection from dirty fingers and handling.

The final touch was the use of Lightjet prints for the best quality small graphics which describe the TV specification.

ACT's in-house digital die-cutting machine - Elitron - which has a cutting bed of 3m x 2m was used to specially cut the Re-board materials.

Using specific tools, the cutter can produce 45 and 60 degree V-Cuts which allow the material to be bent and shaped without losing it's structural integrity.

When this has been completed ACT assembled all the graphics using screws and interlocking connecting panels.

Finally, the TV VESA stands were attached to the displays along with the specification sheets of the TV’s.

ACT finished the displays by attaching the special electrical connection boxes which are required for correct H&S requirements.

The TV's run off a 12v connection for mobile leisure and need this large heavy transformer to be attached - no problem for Re-board...

Once they were assembled and packed, Avtex were able to deliver direct to their dealers and all they had to do when on site was hang the TV's and plug it in.