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What aren’t the benefits!? 

Dye sublimation printing has a number of fantastic benefits to give you a superb product, time after time:

  • Vibrant Colours - so much more than other methods of printing like UV
  • Texture - as the water based ink attaches to the fabric fibres and not lay on top the fabric has a much softer feel
  • Weight - fabric is lightweight and can be folded - can you imagine folding a foam pvc graphic?
  • Washable - many of the fabrics that we use can be multiple washed in a washing machine without any loss of colour 
  • Environmentally Friendly - 100% recyclable!
  • Display - fabric creases can fall out whereas PVC will not
  • Versatility - can be used for standard banners but also stretch displays and tension fabric frames like ACT’s FabTex including amazing lightbox display graphics
  • Transport and Delivery - the graphics folded and put in the post…

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